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The benefits of FMT’s Diesel management system over the competition.

DMS Diesel Management SystemThe Benefits of FMT Diesel Management System


  • The system is software driven and when purchasing even the basic system you get a copy of the complete software with all options enabled. You can decide what options you wish to use. For some options extra hardware maybe required. The software comes complete with an electronic operating manual on the CD. The Software system is compatible with most Linux, Mac and Windows operated PC’s.
  • As standard the DMS comes with a filter (Paticulate and Water absorbent)
  • The DMS system is rated at IP54 protection
  • The system comes with a range of access keys (I-Buttons) These include 5 black keys, 1 green key, 1 red key. These are not fixed to any type of user and are totally reprogrammable to suit either “User”, “Maintenance” or ”Supervisor”. Additional keys can be ordered if required.
  • User login security can be managed in two ways either security pin code (1111) or I-button, you can also run both security login procedures together for additional security.
  • Each key can service up to 1000 users or 1000 vehicles. Each user can have up to 50 vehicles registered.
  • The DMS system can dispense upto 999.9 litres from 2 tanks installed. This can also be altered by user i.e 1 user max dispense between 0 – 999.9 litres.
  • Each system comes with a SD-card and SD Card reader for easy transfer and storage of your fueling data and setup configuration.
  • User friendly PC operation for configuration and installation of tank management, volumes, fuel purchase prices, users, and vehicles (registration), all this data can be setup on the PC and transferred to the DMS system by using the SD Card.
  • The DMS system has a built in heating system which enables the user to be able to read the screen in enviromental temperatures of -25 degrees.
  • The DMS has a 5″ Illuminated LCD screen.



Diesel Management System

Diesel Management System


Fuel represents a considerable overhead for any commercial transport organisation, managing the usage, cost and logistics can be a difficult job. The correct and accurate management of this valuable commodity is important to profitability, even a small percentage saving can make a large difference.

It is critical that transport operators have the correct tools to analyse accuratley fuel consumption and enable the necessary cost savings to be made. FMT design, develop, manufacture a wide range of fuel management systems and fuel dispensers to help achieve this result.

FMT’s fuel management systems are designed to with stand life in the harshest environments. All the fuel management systems that we supply go through stringent testing at the design stage. Each of our fuel management systems are also subject to environmental testing which ensures all products are fit for the purpose intended. They are even tested for the extremes in outside temeperature and have an inbuilt self heating system that kicks in should it drop below a certain level.

Atkinson Equipment Ltd supply FMT fuel management systems with all the features incorporated into a standard product, features are simply switched on or off, depending on requirements. This allows us to specify suitable fuel management systems at realistic costs. We can help you setup your initial configuration and this can be backed up for safety.

FMT pay particular attention to ease of use, flexibility, and overall construction quality in order to ensure you receive many years of reliable service. All our fuel management systems benefit from our many years experience in the design and manufacture of market leading equipment.

If you are looking for fuel management systems then you have come to the right place, FMT and Atkinson Equipment Ltd have the right solution for you.


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